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Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools: Which to Choose?

Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools: Which to Choose?

Having a pool is the American dream. But choosing between a saltwater and chlorine pool can be a hard choice. Which one is best for you?

After all, deciding between a salt water vs chlorine pool is not as easy as it sounds. Let’s talk about the differences between these two varieties of pools so you can make the best decision for your circumstances.

Salt Water Pool Vs Chlorine Pool: Key Differences

When it comes to the “salt water vs chlorine pool” comparison, you need to know what each one is first:

Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools actually have chlorine as well. The pool’s filtering system uses a chlorine generator.

However, you add salt that’s intended for swimming pools into the water. The chlorine generator then converts this salt into the chemical called chlorine.

Then the pool system puts this back out into the pool water, sanitizing the swimming pool. In the end, you’re still swimming in a pool with chlorine.

However, it offers sanitation with a lot less chlorine than normal. This is why people often say that saltwater pools are a softer water quality.


There are a lot of advantages to a saltwater pool.

1. Less strong chemicals

Because you don’t need as much chlorine to keep the pool clean, the water is easier on your skin.

It doesn’t make your hair fade as much, nor does it irritate your eyes as much. It’s also easier on swimwear and towels, which can be bleached from too much chlorine.

Some parents wish to reduce their children’s exposure to chlorine, making saltwater pools attractive for that reason as well. And finally, saltwater pools come with a lower scent profile that can be off-putting to some.

2. Less maintenance

Having a chlorine generator means you have to do less work to keep your pool naturally clean.

This means having a swimming pool that’s very user-friendly. You don’t have to balance the chemicals as much, which means you can enjoy doing what you like more of the time.

3. Costs

Because of the lower maintenance requirements, saltwater pools are often cheaper to maintain long-term.


While saltwater pools offer some great benefits, there are also some downsides you should know about.

1. Corrosion

Saltwater can corrode metal material.

This includes furniture, grills, or other items that might come in contact with the pool water. In addition, saltwater can corrode stone.

This means that stone material surrounding the pool can wear down eventually. In general, fiberglass pools offer the most protection against saltwater corrosion.

2. Higher initial cost

While a saltwater pool can save you money over the long run, it’s typically going to cost a little bit more up front.

So depending on whether you’re looking for more initial savings or long-term savings, this is important to know.

If your decision between a salt water pool vs chlorine pool comes down to working with a small upfront budget, saltwater might be best.

Chlorine Pools

Unlike saltwater pools, you need to consistently test chlorine pools for the right chlorine and pH levels to keep the chemicals balanced. Otherwise, you may notice odd smells or discoloration. However, they come with their own unique ups and downs:


Let’s look at some of the benefits of chlorine pools versus saltwater pools.

1. Lower upfront costs

If you’re looking to get started with a swimming pool on a lower budget, chlorine pools are the way to go.

You don’t need to buy the saltwater to chlorine converter.

2. Backup corrosion

Because traditional chlorine pools don’t have saltwater, they won’t corrode metal or cause damage to other parts.


Now, it wouldn’t be a fair salt vs chlorine pool conversation if we didn’t look at some of the downsides of chlorine pools.

1. Chemical irritation

If you or your loved ones are particularly sensitive to harsh chemicals like chlorine, you might want to reconsider getting a saltwater pool instead.

2. Chemical management

Constantly having to check the chemical levels and buy new chlorine can be a task. It can be well worth it to some people, but others prefer a lower maintenance option.

Saltwater And Chlorine Pool Installation

At the end of the day, the debate between salt versus chlorine pools is subjective. Everyone has their unique preferences. Regardless of the one you choose, you should go with a company that knows how to install it professionally and efficiently. pool service company in Atlanta, today. Start enjoying a swimming pool that provides peace, relaxation, and recreation.