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Hot Tub Losing Water But No Leak? Look Closer


Imagine you’re enjoying a nice soak in your hot tub on a cool night. However, every time you relax further into the water, it seems like the level has dropped.

And so you’re probably wondering, why is my hot tub losing water? Particularly in the wintertime, troubleshooting hot tub water issues can be a pain. So read the following advice from the experts in hot tub installation in Atlanta.

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My Hot Tub Is Losing Water: Why?

So you’re stuck wondering, “Why does my hot tub keep losing water?” let’s answer this question once and for all. Obviously, a popular time to use your hot tub is during the winter. It’s an excellent contrast to see the cold winter stars and yet be as warm or hot as you want to be.

But ultimately, evaporation is a major cause of hot tubs losing water. Since the temperature is lower during the winter, it causes steam to come out of your spa and thus the overall water level evaporates.

This decrease amounts to around an inch per week over the winter. That means you’ll need regular maintenance and water refilling throughout the cold season. However, if your water is dropping faster than normal, then something could be wrong. Typically losing more than an inch per week is a sign of a leak in your system.

Checking Your Hot Tub For Leaks

Call the professionals at Absolute Pool & Spa Care to come out and check for leaks if you notice anything abnormal. The faster you fix the leak, the less disaster you’ll have with your hot tub. The reality is that a leak can lead to further problems with your heater, pump, and even plumbing in your spa.

After all, an empty hot tub can actually freeze just like a pipe in the winter. Luckily, you can do a brief visual check for warning signs like icicles, puddles, or other partly frozen water.

Also check inside the tub and not just outside. Look at the jets, the plumbing, and the surface for excess moisture. There are a lot of moving parts in a modern hot tub unit. It only takes one to be out of place or broken before a leak starts to take hold for you to be losing gallons of water every week.

Get A Professional Inspection

Time is truly of the essence if you might have a hot tub leak. Since professionals are often booked solid during the winter, you’ll want to call as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

It may take a few days before technicians can get to your hot tub. Luckily, there are some things you can do while you’re waiting for the pro to inspect it.

Firstly, minimize the usage of your hot tub and keep it covered. Keep your circulation system running to help prevent rust or corrosion. And ideally, you can use a space heater near the outer components of the hot tub so that the pipes stay warm and avoid cracking.

The Final Word: Why Does My Hot Tub Keep Losing Water?

Ultimately, there can be various reasons why your hot tub is losing water. Conducting proper maintenance and hiring professionals to take care of your spa should be top of mind.

Ultimately, you can worry less about your spa water level and simply enjoy your time with friends and family. So let the experts at Absolute Pool & Spa Care make sure that your leisure time is truly enjoyable — without the hassle.