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How Long Do Hot Tubs Last? The Ultimate Guide

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last? The Ultimate Guide

Hot tubs are one of the best things you can equip your home or business with. But, one of the main issues is the lifespan of a hot tub. You spend a good amount of money on hot tubs, so they should provide the full value they’re capable of.

So in this post, we will cover the key info about how long hot tubs last typically. In addition, we’ll give you some great tips for making your hot tub life expectancy even longer.

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last

The average lifespan of a hot tub is between five and twenty years after purchase. The reason this range is so big is because of maintenance and quality.

Let’s start by talking about quality:

Hot Tub Quality

There’s no getting around it. A hot tub made of better components is going to last longer. That’s just how it goes. Making sure to do your due diligence is key in selecting your hot tub in the first place.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Hiring a hot tub maintenance company will make the average life of a hot tub a lot longer. Think about the fact that any machine will eventually need repairs and maintenance.

If you have a car, the more you take it to get checked out and maintained by a mechanic, the longer it will work like you want. The same concept applies here.

So, if you truly want to make your investment pay for itself over time, take care of it with qualified professional help.

Now, let’s talk about some other factors that go into the lifespan of a typical hot tub.

Key Hot Tub Parts to Take Care Of

Not every component of a hot tub lasts the same length of time. So answering “how long should a hot tub last” often comes down to the specifics. Here are some of the more common components and their estimated lifespan:


The hot tub cover is really important for keeping the unit clean when not in use. It typically lasts somewhere around 3 to 5 years. You can make it last longer if you treat it with regular cleaning and UV protectant.

Eventually, it will need to be replaced though. Otherwise, the heat could escape and send your energy bill even higher as a result.

Pumps and Heaters

It’s difficult to say the exact lifespan of a heater or pump. The reason is that the water balance will affect this more than anything else.

If well maintained, you can make these last up to 7 or even 10 years. If the water is not well balanced in the meantime though, this timeline might but in half.

Hot tub pumps typically have a seal that keeps water out of the motor. If the seal is broken from the water or chemicals, water will get into the motor. This creates corrosion and eventually the motor could just stop running altogether.

The heater needs the right chemical balance in the water such as pH and chlorine. Low pH can cause rust. Hard water with a lot of calcium can cause scale buildup. This makes the unit less effective.

Cabinet / Shell

The structure of the hot tub can last the longest. It could last several decades, even up to thirty years. However, make sure to clean it consistently for better appearances and to prevent buildup.


Jets can wear out in as little as 3 years or as much as 10 years. This assumes you take care of the water properly. For instance, keeping the balance of the water correct to avoid acidity is key.

How to Make Your Hot tub last longer

Ultimately, you should get the best quality hot tub you can afford. The saying is true that you get what you pay for.

Secondly, have consistent maintenance from professionals on your unit. Ideally, you should do this once per month if not more when it’s in use. From checking for leaks, to changing the water, to balancing the water chemicals, to checking on the motor, this will extend its lifespan.

Lifespan Of Hot Tubs: Conclusion

Hot tubs are a long term investment. They will almost always last several years. However, you can literally triple the amount of time your unit lasts with the right installment,  care and planning.

So get in touch with the experts for hot tub installation in Atlanta today. Make sure your large investment truly provides you with decades of fun.