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How Long Should You Be In A Hot Tub?

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Sitting down in your jacuzzi helps you alleviate stress and get some nice relaxing moments away from the grind. Of course, since hot tubs and jacuzzis involve hot water, it’s important to understand how long you can use them for.

So let’s break down some rules of thumb of “How long can you be in a hot tub?” That way you don’t just enjoy relaxation, but avoid hazards as well.

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The Risks Of Staying In A Hot Tub Too Long

Before talking about how long you should stay in a hot tub, let’s talk about the risks of overuse. Sure, there are several hydrotherapy health benefits from using hot tubs.

It can help you relieve stress and even live longer in some cases, according to research. But understand that hot tub water is at a much higher temperature than normal water.

For that reason, you need to avoid overheating. Some of the risks of staying in the hot tub too long include nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, weakness, and fatigue.

Now, luckily, these symptoms will give you plenty of heads up to know that it’s time to get out of the water. But keep in mind that any kind of symptoms like this are your body’s way of telling you that you need to cool down.

And so when you start to experience them, it’s time to get out of the hot tub. Too much of anything is a bad thing after all, even hydrotherapy.

So that being said, in the next section, let’s talk about some specific time frames to stick to when enjoying your heated jacuzzi or hot tub.

How Long Should You Be In A Hot Tub?

Typically you should stay in a hot tub between 15 and 30 minutes. So right around 20 minutes is typically ideal. Of course, if the water temperature is lower than normal, then you may be able to soak for up to 45 minutes.

Or if you are hypersensitive to heat, then perhaps you should consider a shorter dip, such as 5 to 10 minutes.

Additional Factors To Consider

The Temperature Of The Hot Tub

For hot tub times, the temperature of a hot tub is usually around 100 degrees and can go as high as 104 degrees. So obviously the hotter the temp, the shorter the session should be.

How Hot It Is Outside

If the temperature is colder outside, then your body may be able to cool itself faster, allowing you to stay in the hot tub for longer periods of time. Of course if it’s warmer outside, then the opposite effect can occur.

Your Health Conditions

If you have any specific medical conditions, it may affect how long you should be in the hot tub. As with anything, you should consult your doctor on the hot tub temperature and time frame that you stay in it.


Those who are older may consider reducing their time in the hot tub to less than 20 minutes. The same goes for children.

Safety tips for hot tub sessions

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

This can dehydrate you and lead to worse decision-making.

Keep Electronic Devices Away

This tip is to reduce the risk of electrocution or destroying cell phones and other devices.

Avoid Medications

Be careful with medicine or other substances that may negatively affect your body in combination with heat.

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