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How Often Should A Pool Be Cleaned

How Often Should A Pool Be Cleaned

Swimming is the best summer activity for friends and family. More homeowners are choosing to get pools installed thanks to all the benefits. It offers an easy way to socialize and cool off from the heat.

But of course, with so many people swimming in it, there will be oils and debris left behind. That’s not to mention the weather and surrounding pollen, twigs, and more.

So naturally you might wonder “How often should I clean my pool?” In this article, let’s address that question so you can keep your water clean and clear:

The Importance of Cleaning Your Pool

Pool owners sometimes focus only on the fun and not on the responsibility of keeping the pool in great shape. However, if you don’t keep it maintained, you run the risk of a dirty pool.

This concept is the same whether you have a saltwater or chlorine pool. This means you should stay on top of it, otherwise you could experience various problems like:


Lots of nasty little bacteria like to hide out in pools. They can range from benign to outright dangerous and poisonous.

That’s not to mention that urination can happen in pools if kids or animals are swimming in it.

Broken Pumps

When water is too hard due to calcium or too acidic, this causes issues with the mechanical nature of pools. The pumps and their components could stop working. Ultimately this leads to more expensive repairs instead of merely maintenance.

Murky Water

No one wants to dive into a pool that you can’t even see the bottom of. Water should stay clear and sparkly. If it’s murky, then there’s likely some fungi or calcium building up.

So if you notice discoloration, get in touch with pool cleaning service in Atlanta GA as soon as possible.

Allergic Reactions

The acidity or alkalinity is important for your pool. There’s a reason that you should have it checked regularly for chlorine and pH levels.

There are some at home testing kits available for this. But they don’t always get to the source of the issue like a team of professionals can.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool

Typically, it’s best to have your pool cleaned once per week if possible. This is particularly true in the busy seasons between spring and summer.

If not, at least have it done once per month. That way, your investment is protected and everyone can swim happily and safely.


Ultimately, the correct answer to “How often do you clean a pool?” is as much as possible. Do it as often as your budget allows.

The professionals at Absolute Pool & Spa Care are on your side. Instead of worrying about breaking or damaging your swimming pool, let the pros handle it. That way, you can focus on entertaining and not on maintenance.