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How To Tell If A Pool Is Leaking?

How To Tell If A Pool Is Leaking?

Owning a swimming pool is one of the aspects of the American dream. But whether your home or commercial pool is leaking, you need to take the right action to fix it fast.

Of course, this starts with understanding the reasons behind it. So in addition to reaching out to the pool experts at Absolute Pool and Spa Care for pool repairs in Atlanta, here are five ways to know that your swimming pool is leaking.

The Importance Of Repairing A Leaking Pool

Noticing that your pool is leaking might seem inconvenient, but it’s actually a much worse problem than that.

It doesn’t just mean that you might lose some water that you have to refill. It also means your entire pool system may need a repair or replacement. The only way to know for sure is to have the experts have a look.

But that being said, if you let your pool continue to leak, it could cause a number of problems like chemical leakage into the yard, unsafe chemicals available to children or dogs or cats, and costly repairs.

So if you suspect that your pool is leaking, consider calling a professional pool company today. That being said, what might be some of the causes that your pool is leaking?

How To Tell If Your Pool Is Leaking

1: Your Water Bill Is Higher

If you’re noticing that your water bill seems to be higher than usual this month, that’s something to take note of. You might consider having your pool repaired quickly. Because the problem is only likely to get worse, and nobody likes paying more for their bills.

2: Standing Water

Seeing a puddle by the pool, especially if it hasn’t rained anytime soon, means you have a pool leak. You can check your pool pump to see if there’s standing water in there, too.

Also feel the nearby grass. If it’s mushy, then there could be a leak underground. Any of these factors mean that you should repair the leak immediately, and at least have a pool company take a look at it.

3: Chemical Levels Are Fluctuating

Your chemical levels need to be maintained in the pool. This goes for chlorine, pH levels, and more. They should be fairly consistent if there aren’t any adverse events to your pool like a leak.

So if you notice that the chemical levels are changing significantly, make sure to consult experts about potential repair.

4: Algae Or Discoloration

If you see green or brown in your pool, this is not natural. The chemical balance should maintain your pool to be as clear as possible. If you start noticing murky or colored substances, then this can be dangerous.

These can cause health hazards, but they can also ruin your pool pretty fast. It’s time to have a repair.

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5: Cracks

Still wondering “how can I tell where my pool is leaking”? Cracks may be the most telltale sign that you have a leak in your pool. Cracks can develop over time with any kind of construction, especially with pools.

Understand that there’s a lot of pressure with the ground and the water on the walls of your pool. So if you start to notice the cracks, it’s time to get those repaired really fast. The cracks are only going to get larger, and the leak is going to get worse if you hesitate to act.

Quality Pool Repairs in Atlanta

Don’t waste your money, time, and energy on a leaking pool. Let the experts fix this problem quickly and professionally. The best way to determine if you have a leak is to contact a pool company like Absolute Pool & Spa Care give you a consultation.

That way you can know if there’s a leak, what to do about it, and what all of your options are. You can have peace of mind and get back to swimming as soon as possible.