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Is It Possible To Add A Hot Tub To Your Pool?


Hopping into a cool pool at the end of the day or in the middle of the hot midday sun is one of America’s favorite pastimes. However, when it gets cool in the evenings or during the winter, it’s also nice to have a spa or a hot tub.

Adding a spa to an existing pool takes forethought and proper planning. So let’s break down how you can go about adding a hot tub to an existing pool.

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Adding Hot Tub To Existing Gunite Pool / Other Pool

Let’s address the yes or no question first:

Can You Add A Hot Tub To An Existing Pool?

Yes, but you need to do it the right way. Let’s talk about different factors that go into answering this. Now, let’s talk about how to properly add a hot tub to the pool.

How Big Is The Unit?

Understanding the size of your spa or hot tub is the first step. Firstly, it will dictate how many jets you need. A single-pump spa has around 16 jets. Furthermore, what kind of depth does it need to be? Standard hot tubs tend to be around 35 inches.

How Many People Do You Think Will Be Using It?

It’s best to go a little bit larger than you need, then a little bit smaller. Understanding how to organize the jets and how large the pool should depend on how many people are going to be enjoying the unit.

You Want The Hot Tub To Flow Into The Pool

Some customers like a hot tub to be able to flow into the pool. Some of them prefer it to be separate. Keep in mind that regardless of what you choose, it will change the plumbing, installation, and other placement strategies. Also, keep in mind water displacement.

The average person displaces about 15 gallons, which could cause the hot tub to overflow. This can cause issues if you want the pool at a significantly different temperature than the hot tub. Obviously, every time water overflows from the hot tub, it’s going to heat up the pool, which might not be comfortable on a hot day.

Keep Chemicals In Mind

The chemicals required for hot tubs are different from swimming pools. You could add a chemical-free UV system. Then you won’t have to worry about chemicals as much as the UV light kills most bacteria.

However, it’s important to choose the right system that deals with the proper volume of water-based off your hot tub and pool needs.

Existing Plumbing Versus New Plumbing

Oftentimes you can use your existing filter and even the pump you currently have as a circulation pump. Your return lines may be able to fill the hot tub without needing to install new ones. However, the pump can’t be used to power your jets.

Pool Service Professionals

When you hire the right pool service in Atlanta, such as Absolute Pool & Spa Care, anything is possible. You can add a hot tub to your pool, maintain your pool and hot tub, and ensure you and your family can enjoy yourselves.

So don’t make yourself crazy trying to understand every aspect of balancing pool chemicals, hot tub installation, and other busy work. Let the professionals take this off your plate so you can do what you really want to.