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Protect Your Equipment from Frozen Pipes

Protect Your Equipment From Frozen Pipes

Mark Thompson – Thursday, January 04, 2018

Freezing temperatures can bring expensive damage to your pump, filter, heater, salt system, plumbing, and other pieces of equipment costing up to several thousands of dollars for repairs. Taking the necessary precautions can save you from these expensive repairs.

If you close your pool

Call Absolute Pool & Spa Care to close your pool properly. We have the necessary equipment to blow your lines completely and the knowledge to advise you of other precautions you can take to safely go throughout the winter without issues. We have seen too many problems occur from customers who do it themselves and don’t do it thoroughly or properly and incur major expenses in repairs from freeze damage during the winter season.

If you keep your pool open

Automated systems: If you have an automated system with electronic controls and remotes, make sure your freeze sensor is working and that your pumps are turned “On” for freeze protection. You can check your freeze sensor by taking a cup of ice water and dip your sensor in the cup. Let it sit fir a few minutes and the pump should turn on automatically. If it doesn’t, then there is a problem and you need to call us for repairs. Call quickly since problems can occur overnight.

Timer Systems: If you have a manual timer (most are by Intermatic), make sure there is freeze guard connected to it. This freeze guard can be mounted in the same box as the timer or it can be on a seperate box. It will have a dial with numbers ranging usually from 33 degrees to 42 degrees. Keep the dial above 35 degrees to be on the safe side. If you do not have a freeze guard, MAKE SURE you call us to install one. They are very minor in cost compared to freeze damage. You need to have one for every pump you own.

If you are under duress and have no time to make these adjustments or corrections, do whatever you can to make sure your equipment is kept warm. You can do this by using heat tape, foam insulators, blankets, heat lamps, etc. 

We hope this helps. If you ever have any concerns or doubts, make sure to call us for a visit. You can reach us at (770) 886-7870, download our App which you can find on Google under “Absolute Pool & Spa Care” and on you Apple product under “Absolute Pools”.