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So, How Often Should You Test Pool Water Really?

So, How Often Should You Test Pool Water Really?

Pools should be a dedicated area for fun, leisure, and exercise. But of course, keeping your pool levels clean with the right chemical levels is also important. Different pools are exposed to different temperature changes, weather patterns, and debris.

So in this post, let’s discuss “how often should you test your pool water.” That way you can keep it clean and safe for everyone involved. After all, you wouldn’t leave your bathtub filled with water all year round without cleaning it, and your pool is no different.

How Often Do You Test Pool Water

“How often to test pool water” can come down to the seasons. In the colder months of winter, your pool needs less chlorine. However, chlorine won’t naturally disappear by itself.

Testing In The Winter

You can often have excess chlorine levels in November, December, and January. To be more specific, the answer to “How often should I test my pool water” and even “How often to check pool chemicals” for chlorine and pH levels are around once every two weeks.

The importance of maintaining this chemistry is to make sure it’s easier to get your pool ready to swim in again without bacteria or fungi. At Absolute Pool & Spa Care, we can come out and give you a water test to ensure your calcium hardness, salt level, alkalinity, and other chemical levels are ideal.

Additionally, if your filtration system or other parts of the pool need to be cleaned or maintained, we can take care of that as well.

Testing in Warm Month

Obviously, most people are using the pool heavily during the summer and not the winter. While you need to have your levels tested and pool maintained all throughout the year, the summer is the most important.

So before throwing on your swimsuit and your shades, you should get some preventative testing and maintenance done. Have professionals top your water up, clean your pool filter, and then check your equipment.

Additionally, they’ll balance your chemical levels to make sure that your pool is clear, clean, and safe for use again. As in the winter, you should have this done every two weeks, but for different reasons.

While in the winter, you need to keep your pool in good condition to be ready for use at a future date, summer is a bit different. You’re going to be constantly using it.

The more people or pets that are in your pool cause additional oil debris and chemical imbalances. If you have any additional questions about how often to test or what needs to be done, call the pros.


Ultimately, you should get a pool inspection in Atlanta as often as possible. While having it done at the beginning and ending of the season is a minimum, additional checkups never hurt.

Ideally, you would get it done a few times a week or at least once a month, especially during peak summertime. With proper pool maintenance and cleaning, you can make sure your pool investment continues to pay you and your family back for a long time to come.