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The 7 Most Common Pool Problems that Pool Owners Face

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Owning a pool can be fantastic, but sometimes problems occur that make it more of a challenge than usual. For instance, have you ever wandered into a public or apartment pool, noticed the dirty water, and asked yourself “how often do swimming pools change the water anyway?”

Not a good sign, because that means a lot of the nasty issues pools can suffer are likely already occurring.

So let’s answer the question of “how often should I change my pool water?” as well as common pool problems that can occur if you don’t:

How Often to Change Pool Water

Experts specializing in commercial pool maintenance in Atlanta recommend changing your pool water no less than once every year.

Obviously, the more frequently the better, as your budget allows.

7 Pool Problems that Homeowners and Businesses Face

Some common issues facing pool owners are:

1. Algae Growth

A pool should have a clear blue color. If it’s not healthy, it might be more green and you may notice algae growth. This makes it unswimmable and unpleasant.

If you notice that it’s a green color, then it could be infected with algae, which is one of the most common problems for pool owners.

This typically means that you don’t have enough chlorine in the pool. So if you notice this issue, get a pool expert involved. Do the proper maintenance get rid of the algae and make your pool swimmable again

2. Too Much Chlorine

Chlorine is fantastic for keeping algae and other bacteria out of the pool.

But like anything else it’s all about moderation. Too much chlorine can cause irritation to the skin or eyes. It can also make it difficult to see underwater, which is one of the most enjoyable parts of swimming in the first place.

You can measure the chlorine in your pool with specific tools or hire an expert to come out and check it for you.

3. The Pool Filter Is Clogged

Your pool is designed to circulate water consistently. Clogging is typically an issue for owners who don’t know how often to change pool water.

If it can no longer circulate as intended the filter can become clogged. This is typically as a result of not cleaning the pool regularly enough or or having a maintenance program with your local pool cleaner.

Bugs, dirt, thieves, and other things can clog up the pool eventually. So if you notice extra debris, you should have your filter cleared out and potentially replaced by a local pool cleaning expert.

4. Scaling

Scaling means that you have a calcium buildup in the pool. This is a major issue so be sure to get a pool company out to look at it fast.

If you’re wondering how often should you change pool water, your local professional can tell you after having a quick look.

5. Cracking

There can be foundational or even structural cracks within your pool over time. This can cause a lot of other issues that become very expensive and very difficult to fix if you don’t get it handled properly ahead of time.

A proper expert can see where the crack is coming from and advise you on potential solutions that will both let you enjoy your pool and keep you from spending too much money.

6. Bad Circulation

A clogged pool won’t circulate properly. which could cause the fuse to blow from being overloaded or other electrical issues. There could also be a hole in the airline. So if the airline is leaking then the pool won’t circulate either.

7. Murky Water

How often should pool water be changed? As often as possible to avoid this problem. When asked “how often do you change pool water”? A lot of owners claim that they can’t even remember the last time.

No one wants brown, murky water. So be sure to have it cleaned out regularly and keep it clear and dirt-free.

No More Pool Problems

Don’t let your swimming pool become another hassle this summer. Instead enjoy the great days in the summer provided by being able to swim in your pool whenever you want.

Take the right preventative steps and get the proper maintenance with pool company in Atlanta so your pool is pristine, clear, and ready for you and your guests to enjoy all summer long.