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The Top Reasons To Drain A Swimming Pool

The Top Reasons To Drain A Swimming Pool

Getting a pool can be one of the most satisfying experiences, however, there are certain maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind. That way you can keep the pool functioning longer — providing safety, comfort, and relaxation for you and all of your guests.

You might be wondering “When should I drain my pool?” After all, it will help prevent damage, debris, and skin irritation. So here’s what you need to know about when to hire an Atlanta pool company for draining services.

When Should You Drain Your Pool?

Drain Your Pool For Cleaning

Draining is more than simply removing water. It also helps to clean the pool. It’ll allow you to vacuum it, get rid of stains that become apparent once the water is drained, and manage metal or calcium levels.

Repair The Pool

Every pool’s surface can break over time. Cracks and repairs are needed occasionally. Even the occasional pools with vinyl linings can have patches or tears form.

If we’re draining the pool, it allows professionals to identify what needs to be repaired and get your pool back in working order again.


When resurfacing your pool, it’s best to drain it. It allows the company to inspect your pool and do a more thorough job.

Remove Total Dissolved Solids

Over time, substances can dissolve in the water. Dirt, debris, and other dissolved solids can make the electric conductivity of your water high. It can also cause stains and skin irritation.

Rebalance The Pool

Every once in a while, every body of water needs to be rebalanced. After all, natural bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and oceans, naturally circulate.

Your pool is only as clean as the water that you put into it, and eventually any artificially placed pool water should be drained to check pH and other chemical levels.

You Notice Discoloration Or Other Issues

Pool cloudiness, murkiness, or green algae are signs that you should consider draining the pool. Additionally, if you notice jagged edges, then it may need resurfacing, which would require draining.

And if you’re wondering about the underlying causes of discoloration, read this post to learn why your pool is cloudy in the first place.

Get Pool Draining Services Today

Hire Absolute Pool & Spa Care to help you drain your swimming pool. It’s time to ensure you and all of your swimming guests can enjoy clean, fresh water. And you can avoid high replacement costs with proper maintenance as well.