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What Causes Algae In Pools?

What Causes Algae In Pools?

Algae spores are actually circulating all the time and they probably get in your pool more than you think.

Wind, rain, and other phenomena can carry spores into your pool. From there they can bloom in just a matter of hours in fact.

There are several conditions that can cause swimming pool algae. Let’s talk about “What causes black algae in pools?” and “What causes green algae in pools?” That way you can get the right pool maintenance to keep that from happening.

What Causes Algae In A Swimming Pool?

Algae is actually an aquatic creature that populates rapidly in warm, sunny environments underwater. Similar to other plants, algae has chlorophyll and sunlight helps it grow.

Contaminants typically found in pools, like dust and debris, help algae grow. From there, even when the algae dies, it can feed the future generations of algae so the cycle continues.

(On a related note, if you have blue or murky discoloration in your pool, read this post to find out the reason).

Algae is always present in small amounts, even in clear pools. That’s why it’s so important to keep your chemicals topped off so you have the right levels of pH and chlorine.

Otherwise, you could have a huge algae growth spurt that causes an unsightly mess and an unclean environment. The same goes for your pump or filter if they’re not properly maintained.

The Problems That Algae Can Cause

Algae can cause major headaches, both literally and figuratively. Let’s look at some of the biggest problems:


Respiratory problems, headaches, and an allergic reaction can occur due to algae.

It's Unpleasant

Algae is simply “nasty” to look at and feel. Nobody wants to swim with a bunch of green slime in their pool. It makes the water look cloudy and severely decreases the enjoyment of a pool environment.

It Can Be Dangerous

Algae can help things like E. coli bacteria thrive. Since it becomes food for other pathogens, you want to get rid of algae as soon as possible.

It Can Damage Your Pool Filters

Algae will obviously be harder for your filters and pumps to handle. Eventually this will decrease their effectiveness and cause backwashing and other kinds of problems, including leaks.

It Uses Up Your Chlorine

You need a certain amount of free chlorine in your water to keep it clean and clear. However, the pH level can rise and your chlorine levels can get off balance really quickly when there’s too much algae floating around.

Get Pool Maintenance Today

Let’s keep algae and other nasty debris away from your pool. Contact the best pool service company in Atlanta at Absolute Pool & Spa Care.

We’ll ensure your pool looks and performs like new. That way you can get your mind off of algae and other debris and focus on enjoying the water!