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What’s the Best Hot Tub Temp To Choose?

What’s the Best Hot Tub Temp To Choose?

Hot tubs are one of the best luxuries you can have for your home or for a public area. The warm sensation is healing, relaxing, and enjoyable. However, you need to make sure that the ideal hot temperature is set.

Otherwise, it could result in discomfort, pain, and more. So in this post let’s talk about what the ideal hot tub temperature is. That way you can set your hot tub  to the ideal setting.

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be?

Ultimately, every person in every situation will have a different ideal temperature. This could depend on personal preference, health, age, or activities in the hot tub. A hot tub service in Atlanta can help guide you in your choice. However, there are some great rules of thumb to keep in mind, such as:

Individual Health

Ultimately, the hot tub temperature is dependent on the health of the individual. Pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, and other health conditions can alter the temperature required for safe bathing. 

Additionally, alcohol should never be consumed in a hot tub. This is due to the negative effects hot temperatures can have on a person who even consumes a small amount of alcohol.

Consult your physician to determine what temperatures and length of time are safe for you and your health.


For adults, try to keep the average hot tub temp right around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, or slightly below. This is because the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided that it’s dangerous to be in water in excess of 104 degrees.

This is because it can cause heat stroke. So if you want to soak comfortably, keep the average hot tub temperature somewhere near 100 degrees to 102 degrees. You’ll be able to enjoy the hot tub for around 20 minutes per session at that temperature.

Get Consent From Everyone In The Tub

The best hot tub temperature is a group decision. You should consult with the friends or family members that are sharing the hot tub with you. If they feel like the temperature should be raised and everyone’s in agreement, then it’s okay to crank it up a bit.

How Long Does It Take For A Hot Tub To Warm Up

Spas will heat up approximately 8 degrees per hour running off 240 volts. If a spa is running off 120 volts, it will heat up approximately 1-3 degrees per hour. The hours to heat to your desired temperature will be determined by the temperature of the fill water.

Other Factors For The Right Hot Tub Temperature Range


Just understand that the power to heat the hot tub has to come from somewhere. Ultimately, that means it’s going to increase your energy bill the hotter you make the hot tub. So, understand your budget when considering the ideal temperature. 

Illness, Exercise, And Lifestyle

Depending on how you’re feeling or how much energy you have, you may want to turn the water up or down. For instance, if you just got done exercising, you might find that warmer water helps you relax your muscles and decompress.

If you haven’t been feeling very great health-wise, you may not want to go as hot. This could overwhelm your body’s system.


Arthritis is another condition that affects the blood flow in your joints. Heat can be very good for this condition in terms of relief and helping you reduce inflammation over the long run. However, understand that you shouldn’t go higher than 100 degrees to start.

Summary: Hot Tub Water Temperatures

Contact the Absolute Pool & Spa Care. The Pool and Spa experts can check your hot tub to make sure it’s operating properly. That way you can set it at the exact temperature that you love every time that you want to use it. 

The result is more comfort, more enjoyment, and more peace of mind when you’re relaxing in the nice hot water you invested in.

And remember, always consult your physician to determine what temperatures and length of time are safe for you and your health.