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Pool Inspections in Atlanta, GA


Pool Inspections in Atlanta, GA

What Is A Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection is a process in which an inspector inspects the pool for any defects or potentially expensive repairs. A good pool inspector will give you information about your pool, identify potential hazards, instruct you when repairs are needed, and advise you on your options. They understand how to detect material defects, which are specific problems with a component or system that may significantly impact the property’s value or pose an unreasonable safety risk.

Following an inspection, you will be given a detailed report that includes written feedback on all aspects of your pool. This report will detail which pool elements were inspected (to ensure nothing was overlooked), their condition, and when you should replace them.

Why Get a Pool Inspection Service in Atlanta?

Whether you already own a pool or are looking to buy a home that has a pool, getting a professional pool inspection in Atlanta can be crucial. Many factors need to be carefully monitored and considered when it comes to the general health and safety of a swimming pool. 

Private swimming pools are also subject to different regulations in each state. Working with a professional pool inspector will give you a much better understanding of the pool’s condition, including all the equipment and the surrounding area. Pool problems pose so many financial and personal risks that it is worthwhile to consult an expert. They will ensure that your pool complies with state regulations.

Services We Offer

We provide the following services to Atlanta area hot tub owners:

Quick Inspection

Quick Inspection

Pool inspections don’t usually take longer than an hour. If you need an appointment quickly, we are always available to book you in at your convenience.

Fast Reporting

Fast Reporting:

We understand that you may need answers quickly, especially if you’re looking to buy a house.  Absolute Pool & Spa Care provides reports in a timely manner so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.

Fully Licensed

Fully Licensed

Choosing a knowledgeable and qualified inspector is important.  Our team is fully licensed and insured so you can feel confident in our assessment and the service that you’re paying for.


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Your satisfaction is our priority !

"The long and short of it is that these guys are amazing. Prompt, professional, willing to go out of their way to please and get the job done better than expected.... and fast! I had dealt with another pool guy prior to this that dragged his feet for a month, not getting anything done. One call to this company and BAM! The liner was installed. When I asked them when they were going to do the other stuff, they informed me that they already did it! I was and still am blown away. They should be a model for any company, regardless of the industry."

Karl Hepler, Stone Mountain, GA

"Just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for the job well done. The tile installation was done in a timely manner. Your employees were courteous and professional. The follow up phone call is what really stood out with us; most pool companies we have dealt with have a hard time even returning phone calls. We would gladly recommend you and your company to anyone." "We look forward to working with you in the future." "Thank you!"

Paul and April Stewart

"I have been working with Absolute Pool and Spa Care Inc. for approximately 3 months. I am very pleased with the quality of service that they have provided for the company and our customers. The company representatives are very professional and are always there to assist. They are always there via e-mail or phone to take service calls during business hours. In the service industry punctuality is very important; I can always count on Absolute Pool and Spa Care Inc. to be on time with all their services. They take the time to communicate with each and every customer. They respond to service calls within a timely manner a follow up even quicker which is great because that leaves less down time for the customer's spa. For great service I recommend Absolute Pool and Spa Care Inc."

Kenyatta Long



This will depend on what kind of pool it is. If you’re requesting an inspection for your home’s inground pool. Larger pools, including commercial pool inspections, may take a little longer.

We check to make sure pool safety is up to code, that your pool’s interior doesn’t have any cracks, and that your pool’s lighting is fully functional. We also check to make sure that the tiling around your pool is safe and allows for proper drainage.

Pool inspectors examine every aspect of the pool, such as the size of the pool, the depth of the pool, what materials are used, and who manufactured the pool. They also check the interior, railing, ladders, diving boards, filters, and other pool equipment.

We recommend scheduling regular pool inspections. However, if you have a big event coming up and you plan on using your pool, get your pool inspected to reduce potential liability and ensure that your guests have a good time.