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Pool Repair Services in Atlanta


The Absolute Pool & Spa Care team can repair any and all pool-related problems. All repairs begin with a phone call. Phone estimates are free for most minor repairs however, any extensive repairs will require a skilled technician to assess the job onsite at your pool. In some cases, charges may apply, but all costs will be discussed with you up front prior to scheduling an appointment. 

At Absolute Pool & Spa Care, we offer the following repair services in Atlanta:

Acid Cleans

Acid cleaning is the technique of cleansing corroded products with acidic solutions.

Scaling and other inorganic deposits are removed with acid-cleaning chemicals. If you have annoying stains on your plaster, a thorough pool drain and acid wash may be all you need to remove them.

First, we’ll look into the stains to determine if we can remove them without a thorough drain. If a total pool drain is necessary for other reasons, such as significant equipment installation or repair, have us do an acid clean at the same time!

Crack Repairs

Are you noticing cracks in your swimming pool?
Pool cracks are hazardous for a variety of reasons. For starters, they can compromise the structural integrity of your pool. This might cause leaks or structural shifts in your pool, resulting in further fractures. The fissures might potentially migrate to the pool decking, causing damage there as well. Absolute Pool & Spa Care does the best swimming pool crack repairs in town.

Emergency Service

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done on a moment’s notice.  We’re a phone call away if you find yourself in need, whether it be a quick fix or a complex pool repair in Atlanta. Please contact us if you need an emergency pool cleaning.

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No More Green Pools

If your pool’s equipment fails or your chemicals become out of balance, it can quickly “go green” during summer. If this occurs, please contact us for our emergency pool cleaning service. We can fix everything from “slight cloudiness” to a nasty green swamp. We’ll be happy to provide a free estimate and get started on the recovery process right away, no matter how big or small the job is.

Leak Detection

A leaky pool is no small matter. It can lead to a very big leak in your wallet if left unchecked!  Don’t hesitate if you suspect that your pool may have a leak. Absolute Pool & Spa Care will dispatch a certified leak-detection technician to locate and repair any leaks in your swimming pool, whether above ground or below ground.

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Pool Cleaner Installation, Repair or Replacement

If you need help installing a pool cleaning system, Absolute Pool and Spa Care is here to help. We offer three types of cleaning systems for your inground pool:

Suction-Side Cleaners: The pool cleaner line connects to the skimmer, and the pool pump provides suction. These cleaners travel in a random manner around the pool, depositing debris into the filtration system. It is simple to install and run, is inexpensive, and has an established track record.

Pressure-Side Cleaners: The Pool Cleaner hose connects to the pool return (where water flows back into the pool from the filter). The power of the water propels the Cleaner, creating a suction that deposits dirt and debris into a bag or your pool’s internal filter. Filtered water is distributed around the pool; the filter is not clogged with dirt.

Robotic Cleaners: Robotic cleaners have their own filtration system and do not connect to your pool’s pump or filter system. Most machines are programmable, and many may be controlled remotely. Self-contained filtering reduces the wear and tear on your pump and filter. This is the quickest way to clean.

We also repair and replace existing pool cleaners. Give us a call today!