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Pool Renovations in Atlanta, GA

A Luxurious Pool With None of the Work

Looking to upgrade your pool to give your space a more luxurious feel? Choose Absolute Pool and Spa Care! Our team does pool upgrades and renovations in Atlanta for any size pool. We provide our customers with the greatest pool components and equipment available on the market. Whether your pool needs a skimmer replacement, an automatic pool cleaning installation, a pump motor update, or anything else? We offer the ideal product to fit your needs.

Is your swimming pool “out of style”?

If your swimming pool has become outdated or is employing obsolete technology, you may consider a pool makeover or pool restoration. We can assist you with either minor repairs or a total overhaul. No matter how old your pool is, Absolute Pool & Spa Care can transform it into a gorgeous work of art that will save you time and energy while turning heads for years to come.

In the last ten years, the industry has made remarkable achievements in reducing the amount of pool care necessary. 

So, in addition to modifying the appearance of your pool, you have a variety of other options:
Want to beautify your pool? We provide the following:


Today’s Pools Take Care Of Themselves

New breakthroughs in everything from chemical management to spa automation to automatic cleaners have taken the tediousness out of swimming pool ownership.

Remote Automation


Salt-Based Chlorine Generator


SAVE ENERGY: "Go Green" and save money too!

Our newer pumps, filters, lights, heaters, and control systems have all been tested and developed to be more cost-effective than older models. Swimming pools today use roughly 60% less electricity than they did 20 years ago.

Pool Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pump

Multi-Speed & Variable Speed Pump

Multi-Speed & Variable Speed Pump

Pool Lighting Systems

Pool Lighting Systems

High-capacity, Low Resistance Filter

High-Capacity, Low Resistance Filter

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